Lifelike - So Electric

This melody will drill into your head and stay there. Video is cool too.

Nero - Reaching Out

Excellent remix of a Nero track by Fred Falke. Seems like everything Fred Falk touches is as good or better than the original.

Synthjunk - Synthpop Revolution

Synthjunk is very inappropriately named. Sounds a lot like Solvent which is a good thing. Check their SoundCloud or BandCamp.

Austra - Lose It

Amazing track by Austra which sounds a lot like The Eurythmics.

Let Em Riot - All We Are

This track by Let Em Riot could have been recorded in 1985 and unreleased until now. Sounds like Richard Marx + The Killers.

Marsheaux - New Life

Here's an excellent cover of Depeche Mode's early track 'New Life' by Greek synthpop duo Marsheaux.

For those unfamiliar, here's some vintage BBC footage of Depeche Mode in all their cheesy 80's outfit glory performing the original.

Hmm think I might actually like Marsheaux's version more, which is very rare for a Depeche Mode cover.